Marissa is that rare young professional who is wise beyond her years, a complete self-starter where reins are more effective than a whip, and whose is always thinking about the next step. She is a constant learner, tinkerer, and go-getter. Get her on your team, and then try and keep up with M. I’m proud to see how quickly she is growing into a top professional. She has been instrumental in helping me launch and grow the Business of Story platform internationally. 
— Park Howell, president of Park&Co and founder of Business of Story
Marissa is a first-class marketer with an impressive set of skills across many different channels. And she’s always getting better. From the moment I first met Marissa, she impressed me with her intelligence, problem solving abilities and knowledge of all things digital and social. Clients love her diligence and communication skills. Co-workers love her enthusiasm and collaborative ways. And baristas love the vast sums of money she spends to remain caffeinated throughout the day so she can keep pumping out the good work. I highly, highly recommend Marissa for any career opportunity she may pursue.
— Luis Medina, former Creative Director at Park&Co and founder of Noble Candy
Marissa was very helpful as I was in startup mode and in the first year of business. She is well skilled and taught me about all things SEO, for which I am very grateful. I especially appreciated Marissa’s proactive communication, boundary setting, and true focus. When it came to how I could best communicate my message, Marissa had timely and well thought through recommendations. Thank you Marissa!
— Christy Kennedy, founder of Culture Conscious
SEO is difficult, and Marissa made it easy! We worked with Marissa during our recent website redesign. Marissa worked on the SEO for all of our webpages. She did an incredible job of optimizing our web pages, writing meta-descriptions, keyword research, and providing us with expert SEO recommendations for our newly redesigned website. Since working with Marissa we have seen a huge increase in our organic search referral rate. Marissa was very professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her for your next SEO project!
— Sabra Rubinstein, Marketing Manager at Avantpage Translation
Marissa is amazing, she is my go to person for anything social media and advertising. She ran my social campaigns for two of my companies, and I would highly recommend her.
— Paul Liberatore, co-founder of RealTaxCut and associate attorney at Blake & Pulsifer
Marissa did a great job of communicating her efforts on my behalf and following up on all the outreach she initiated. From her work I landed speaking engagements with 2 national conferences.
— Brandy Lawson, founder of FieryFx
Marissa has been a tremendous help with promotion and the release of my latest nonfiction book, The Last Chicago Boss. Not only does she initiate regular posts and promotion to all social media outlets, but she is also proactive in making media connections and pursuing speaking opportunities and other events. She is skilled and business savvy and has been an invaluable asset to my marketing needs. I highly recommend her services.
— Kerrie Droban, attorney and author
Marissa was essential during the beginning stages of rebranding and marketing my company. She challenged me to narrow my target audience and product message. I am now on a path of success because of her expertise and support!
— Crystal Anderson, founder of Criss Cross Voices
In the time I worked with Marissa, I can attest to her knowledge, professionalism and mastery of her field. Marissa balanced a large account load and killed it in every detail. A true social media maven, I would be thrilled to work with Marissa again.
— Jenn Barbee, CEO of Jenn Barbee Inc. and Destination Innovate
Marissa provides exceptional partnership and expertise in her field. Her strategies come with deep knowledge of digital marketing and goes above and beyond with communications and recommendations. I highly recommend Marissa to support your marketing needs.
— Eric Harold, Marketing Director at Elevation Energy Group
Marissa’s experience and expertise with regard to social media management is a big value add to any organization. She provides direction, discipline and strategy to your overall goals and objectives. There are many factors to consider when measuring your companies social media ROI, and without someone like Marissa on your team, a lot of money goes to waste.
— Luke Bathel, Owner of Rinse n Ride Car Wash