Marissa Hill of Ramble and Red Digital Marketing

About Ramble & Red

Hi! I'm Marissa Hill, a Colorado/Texas transplant living now living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

Marketing has been my passion since the start of my career. I committed to learning everything I could about social media and marketing, immersing myself in every tool and resource I could find, testing strategies and analyzing results to learn what works. Since then, I've managed social media channels for over 20 brands across many industries.

Along the way, I realized that there's just so much to do in the marketing space and continued to learn all about email newsletters, influencer partnerships, blogging, SEO and more.

Agency life wasn’t for me. I love being a one-stop shop, which is why I started Ramble & Red Digital. I frequently work with a small team of content marketers, community managers, graphic designers and web developers to deliver high-quality services without the overhead costs of a traditional advertising agency.


How I Work

I know how busy life can be as a business owner, so rest assured I'm proactive, which allows you to be as hands-off as you'd like. Know I'll always keep things moving forward, whether it's behind the scenes or communicating every step of the process.

My preferred communication style is email. This ensures we keep all our correspondence organized and easily referenced.

We're not a fit if...

Trust is key. I value my clients' input and welcome feedback. I also ask that my clients respect the strategy and experience they've hired me for. 

If you're not loving something, let's discuss why. If I don't agree with a request, I'll share my reasoning as to why and provide an alternate option. We're partners in your business’ success!

Still on the fence? See my past client testimonials.