6 Marketing Blogs You Need in Your Life

Digital marketing newsletters and blogs worth subscribing to

With constantly changing platforms and new features popping up daily, it can be a challenge to stay on top of what's happening in the marketing world and look for new, creative ways to market our businesses. We can't stay in-the-know about ALL THE TRENDS while still getting things done. That's where high-quality curated blogs and newsletters can help.

I get the struggles of a busy inbox. I have no hesitation to hit that handy "unsubscribe" button when I don't feel I'm getting much value from an email. (Side note: Evaluate your inbox regularly. If you haven't read that newsletter in two months, unsubscribe!)

So if you care about what's happening in the marketing universe and want a sane way to stay relevant, read on for some of my favorite resources to stay up-to-date on all things marketing. 

An example of a fun quote included in every Creative Mornings newsletter.

An example of a fun quote included in every Creative Mornings newsletter.

Creative Mornings - Whether you're a designer, programmer, marketer or business owner, anyone can benefit from Creative Mornings' newsletter. Filled with inspirational videos, talks, quotes, job openings and more, it's truly packed with an immense amount of value. Best of all, it's sent out weekly, not daily. Can I get an amen? See an example of a Creative Mornings newsletter here.

An ad from the past, aka the golden age of advertising, courtesy of The Daily Carnage.

An ad from the past, aka the golden age of advertising, courtesy of The Daily Carnage.

The Daily Carnage - Pretty, pretty, pretty good. Yes, that was a Curb Your Enthusiasm reference. But really, Carney is funny. Each newsletter includes a Read, Listen and Watch section, plus an epic ad from the past. So if you'd prefer to listen to a podcast over reading a blog, The Daily Carnage has something for everyone. They do a phenomenal job of summarizing each topic and extracting a TON of valuable takeaways in an interesting way. If you can't commit to reading a daily newsletter, peruse the archive or follow them on social media. 


WeRSM (We Are Social Media) - This blog is the go-to resource for all things social media. In my experience, they report news before anyone else. They also cover advertising, digital marketing, and design. I don't love their newsletter because sometimes it just has one article, and it's daily. But this is definitely a news site worth following.


Agora Pulse Social Media Lab - There have been rumors floating around the social media marketing world for years, like what types of posts perform better, if evergreen content really is helpful, or the best length for a video. Agora Pulse tests each one of them for you (because seriously, who has that kinda time?!) Technically, this is a podcast. But they also detail the results of each test in a blog, so pick your poison.


LinkedIn Marketing Solutions - Did you know this existed? Because I sure didn't up until a few months ago. LinkedIn's blog is filled with useful professional advice, tips to maximize your Linkedin presence, B2B content and general marketing advice. The content is well-written and engaging, and their bi-weekly newsletter is worth subscribing to. 


Pinterest for Business blog - If you're not using Pinterest for marketing your business yet, you should probably start. Pinterest's newsletter and blog cover all things Pinterest, including trends, topics people are searching for and a guide on how to maximize Pinterest for your industry.