Vinome is a DNA-based wine experience where people can learn what types of wines they're more inclined to enjoy based on their DNA.  Like any startup, their goals were relatively simple: grow awareness of their product by showcasing their differentiating qualities and drive sales of DNA testing kits and wine club memberships.


  • Social media content development and management for Facebook & Instagram
  • Facebook and Pinterest advertising strategy and management
  • Influencer marketing


  • Utilizing Facebook ads and a comprehensive social content strategy, we increased social conversions by 2,300% year over year, with over 10,000 last-click conversions from social media.
  • Total Facebook page fans grew 144% to 45,500 fans through targeted Page Like campaigns, with an average cost 47 cents per like.
  • Through utilizing local user-generated content and cohesive brand images, Facebook engagement increased over 800% with 44,000 engagements. On Instagram, average engagements per photo doubled.
  • With a highly active and carefully targeted Instagram engagement strategy, we increased Magnolia Hotels' Instagram following by 500 target demo followers in one month
  • Resolved customer requests and complaints on behalf of property GMs, which helped increase overall star ratings on Facebook pages.

Dates Managed: May - December 2017

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Influencer Marketing

Vinome wanted to leverage influencers in one of their primary markets, New York.  I researched potential wine and lifestyle bloggers, evaluated their content, and negotiated promotion details from start to finish. Ultimately, we decided on three bloggers with diverse audiences to develop unique promotional partnerships.


Chel Loves Wine, a wine enthusiast with over 25,000 followers and readers created an unboxing video to accompany her review blog. She also featured Vinome's co-founders on her weekly Women In Wine series as an added-bonus. Big City Little Blog, a lifestyle blog with 14,000+ fans, featured Vinome in two blogs and a holiday gift guideAva Lately, a fashion and home-decor themed blog with 4,000+ fans also showcased her experience with Vinome.

Chel Loves Wine brand partnership with Vinome
Blogger influencer partnership with Vinome wine club

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